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Michigan woman accidentally uses glue instead of eye drops


From the Editor


Untold Stories is a project created by a team of directors, designers, and devisors from Michigan State University and inspired by FTP's Living Newspaper of the 1930s. 


The Federal Theatre Project's Living Newspaper created government-funded theatrical productions that examined current issues of the time, intending to educate and encourage social action. These productions were developed after extensive research on the social issues they represented. Untold Stories followed the example of the Living Newspaper and devised these short films to examine social issues that current news outlets largely ignored. We also aimed to explore our personal, visceral reaction to the "news" and the overwhelming (and often conflicting) amount of "information" that current technology creates. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our Living Newspaper. We also hope these projects inspire you to think about your own relationship to the daily infiltration of news that current technology provides us. 

Sharon Combs


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