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Updated: Apr 29

Isolation is one of the few true unifiers from this last year of crisis. A once-bustling campus, now desolate seemed a fitting locale for our mediation on loneliness. While college-aged students may be less likely to suffer the worst physical consequences of COVID-19, they are perhaps most prone to the lasting consequences of the social disruption that has been a hallmark of the last twelve months. For this often-unexplainable time, we chose to focus less on narrative elements and more on mood. We attempted to capture the sort of melancholy that has crept into our lives and become our “new normal” - a phrase I truly never wish to hear again once we’ve outmaneuvered this virus for good.

Kevin Craig


Link to Article Inspiration: Wall Street Journal


Directed by:

Kevin Craig


Sarah Wietecha

Sam Campbell

Sydney Schneider

Music By:

Sam Campbell


Asa Turkmani

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