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Obituary for Unity

Updated: Apr 29

Here lies unity.

In reverence we remember Unity.

She was strong. Powerful. She changed the lives of so many in this country. She helped us win wars, helped us find ourselves, find our purpose. The breath of We The People.

She’s been replaced.

In reverence we remember Unity.

Her term was up. Decidedly, it was time for a new era. One of absolutes, moralism (or lack thereof) and inheritance. Her fate was decided by those in power, those who care little of those without it, and those who care only for the green of Lady Liberty’s dress. Or perhaps those who would like to see Lady Liberty without a dress at all.

In reverence we remember Unity.

In the wake of her graceful exit we remember how she went. Under the light of ammunition and fireworks, she was sounded off with vitriol, anger, and rejuvenation. In her final moments she saw the spark of a new movement, a frightening and violent one, with selfishness at the center. She didn't go alone.

In reverence we remember Care.

Care joined Unity in a pictur-eqse lemming type ending, one following the other, all due to one leader. He grabbed them, bit by bit, lie by lie, flinging them off a cliff as he and millions of others followed. Plunging deep below into darkness they fell, not a second thought came with them, just so long as they followed the leader.

In reverence we remember Empathy.

Empathy got squashed by those that fell off the cliff. She sat, waiting for their acceptance and instead was met with a heavy reality–she wasn’t needed anymore. She wasn’t needed for friendship. She wasn’t needed for worship. She wasn’t needed to lead the free world. It was dark down in that cavern, beneath the cliff.

In reverence we celebrate Unity.

Empathy wasn’t alone. She was kept company by Unity. Both huddled together for warmth in the cavernous crater off that cliff, cut off. They observed the conversation above happening in a vacuum, each social thread and comment section becoming more and more detached from the reality they faced below. But a vacuum doesn’t work when major cleaning needs to be done. Sometimes a little elbow grease does the trick.

In reverence we celebrate Unity.

Those outside the vacuum above began to work. They worked hard. They volunteered. They marched. They voted. They put their lives on the line. And they reigned triumphant. They outnumbered those controlling the vacuum, those who replaced Unity. They bridged the gap. Unity and Empathy emerged, scathed but functioning.

Written By:

Sarah Wietecha

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Obituary for Unity

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