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Obituary for Unity

Updated: Apr 29

Here lies Unity.

Only now you are gone do we ache for individuality. We want your passion for distinguishing your heart but without you feel lost in the masses. You encouraged everyone to stand tall and proud but since your disappearance we all take the same molding. Your strength was recognized and hopefully one day we can be strong again.

Only now you are gone do we see your selflessness. Never did we feel alone with you by our side. You were always concerned with others over yourself. We must work to get back on to that route. We must work to recognize the needs and wishes of others and support them like you once did.

Only now you are gone do we have to beg for empathy. You used to recognize that all of us had a different story to tell, that we had different emotions to feel. Now everywhere we go it feels lonely. We may be speaking but we are always questioning if someone is listening. Questioning if anyone truly cares or are they just waiting for their turn to contradict our story.

Only now you are gone have our eyes opened. You always had a plan for us and without you we have lost all wisdom. Our judgements have become clouded from an increase of apprehension. We fear what may happen without you to guide us. Only now, when it’s too late, have we opened our eyes to recognize that we need you. We hope you can forgive all we have done.

For now, rest easy, Unity.

Written By:

Sam Campbell

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